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Aurora “pop’s” last night!

Predicted levels were only 20% chance in my area last night.  I was watching the stats on the Solar Wind all evening, and noticed a small blip around 11:30pm.  I headed out just after midnight, north of Edmonton.  The Aurora took off!  It was a cool -3C outside, but no wind.  A beautiful night!  These images were captured with a Canon 5DmkII and the EF 24mm f1.4, and the EF 15mm Fisheye.  ISO 1250, 5-20 second exposures.

This was just the start of the show this morning!This shot was just right of the grain elevator.

The fields have been cut and are ready for the coming snow.

A change of location was in order so I headed to a lake I tagged on my GPS a month or so ago.

Things just took off at this point.

Notice the ICE in the lower section of this photo! It's growing...

The Aurora kind of turned in on itself. Cool!

This was imaged at the same time as the previous photo, but with the EF 15mm f2.8 Fisheye lens.

A few minutes later it is still growing!

The tools of the farming trade are put away for the year.

This was it for me. It was 5:07am and the Aurora was subsiding. So home, I go!

Max Bittle - Awesome stuff Zolton! Some of the best Aurora pictures I’ve seen. Looking forward to seeing more.

A nice show, just north of Edmonton.

The beginning of the night!

The show began to pickup at this point.

A change of location! This is what the edge of the Aurora belt looks like reflected in a small lake named Wakomoa! The Aurora "pop's" in waves. The intensity goes up and down like waves rolling onto a beach.

So there is this Castle..... no really! In the middle of Alberta! Ursa Major framed in this shot nicely.

I love Ursa Major (The Big Dipper). It's sooooo pretty! Can you see it? The light on the right is a farmer who was not sleeping either. Getting the crops in with the Combine.

One last full frame shot. That's a wrap!


Zoltan - North!

Orestes Zoes Karatzas - Beautiful!!! BTW what direction are you facing, I need to know for some homework I’m doing 😀 (university students = internet disease)

Sylvia - Truly awesome!

Red Aurora!

I headed out north of Edmonton at about 10:00pm.  Internet data looked positive and the forecast was for clouds to move in around 2:00am.  At 11:00pm I noticed some activity through the windshield, so I pulled off the highway and headed down a few range roads.  Setup to shoot and got these.

Canon 5D2 with a EF 15mm f2.8 fisheye

I decided to try to find some water close by. I managed to spot this little lake nearby, no name, so I headed over and setup again.


The weather guys were correct! About 2:10am these clouds pushed in, and I was done!

Home to sleep. At least I wasn't too far from home tonight!