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Big Aurora storm and lots of clouds!

Fellow aurora shooter  Olivier Du Tré had a great view with clear sky’s down in Cochrane Alberta.  He was killing me with his Voxer updates… holly carp Dude, the sky is so green…did you see that…oh wow…man did you get that?  I think he was having fun torturing me!  I did manage to find one little hole in the clouds.

Sometimes you just have to make the best from what you are given!  I did find a couple of active oil pumps and was curious what a time lapse sequence would look like with all the moment in the pump heads.  Here is what happened…

And another perspective.

Kind of funky.

I did log a few new prime shooting locations though, so the night was not a total loss.  


The Moon was out, so was the Aurora!

Tonight started as a crisp clear night, the moon was at 76%.  I really enjoy using the added light the moon has to offer.  It helps with illuminating the foreground and makes navigating around in the dark a whole lot easier.  While it does deminish the contrast with the dark sky and the aurora, it definitely adds a different effect to the imagery.

So lets start off here.  The activity was pretty low on the horizon but present and increasing in amplitude.  This is a classic example of a local sub storm, or energy spike.  The aurora is tight an defined then as the energy starts to disapate the aurora starts to spread out and defuse in the sky.

 I found this cool old house and even though the the aurora was not very active I just had to stop and spend some time here.

I could see some cloud cover coming so I started for home, then this nice defined arc showed up so I stopped and set up again.  Clouds add a unique element the the imagery.  It’s not a bad thing when they show up.

And remember too always look behind you!  While I was imaging the above sequence, this is what was going on behind me…

The clouds finished off my visibility, so I steered towards home.


February 21/22 Clouds and Aurora

The forecast was for partially clear sky’s and the solar data look promising…so off I went.  North of Onoway, Alberta I found this entrance to a field and set up my gear.  I knew the aurora was not going to be that bright as it was still early in the evening.  I did want to capture the clouds flying by though.  There was a pretty strong wind blowing out of the west.  Here’s what happened.

A few hundred kilometers later, activity began to pick up, but more clouds were around too.  This old shed appeared and looked like a good foreground subject so I stopped and setup.

Here is another perspective from camera #2.

My night ended shortly after this.  The clouds obsqured my view so I turn homeward bound.



I’m back!

After a lengthy battle with my web-host I finally fired them!  To much messing around, bad support/service, and unreliable servers, I just had enough.  So over the last while I have been transferring domains, content and servers. As of today everything has been completed and it now looks like all systems are a GO. Please let me know if you happen to come across any issues with this site. I would appreciate it.

I an actual photography related topic, I have been doing a fair amount of shooting lately. So I hope to get a number of post up soon.


Valentines Aurora

Thanks to a very understanding wife… I was able to head out and capture another crazy night in the Alberta prairie sky. The show began around 11:00pm local time. Low on the horizon but showing good potential for better things to come.  The time lapse below was the beginning of a fantastic night of photography.

The Aurora began to move higher in the sky.

Here is a really great example of how the aurora can go from a subdued arc to a violent display.

A few hours later this was going on straight over head.

I had called it a “wrap” and was headed for home when the aurora took off again.  I had to pull over and setup one more time.  This was 4:20am, and 20 km north of Edmonton.  Still a great view!

Well that’s all folks!  16 Time lapse movies back in the Video Gallery if you want to see more.

Thanks for taking the time to look!