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“It’s ALL About the Light”

I am very proud to announce my first official Gallery Exhibit is currently on display!  If you have a few moments to spare please drop by and have a look.

Rowles & Company Ltd. announces ongoing art exhibitions in Creations Gallery in the lobby of the Edmonton Sawridge Hotel, 4235 Gateway BLVD. Open 7 days a week. For information or to purchase artwork please phone 780.426.4035 or email rowles@rowles.ca

On Exhibit: “It’s All About The Light.” The Aurora Borealis is the subject in a solo exhibition of photographs on stretched canvas by Edmonton based photographer, Zoltan Kenwell.  Meet the artist reception date Tuesday, June 9, 2015. Exhibit runs from May 2015 until September 2015. See the artist’s  portfolio on his WEB Page –  under Artists at www.rowles.ca.


Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2013/2014, the year of Solar Maximum, it didn’t turn out to be as active as I had anticipated. Sure, we had some spectacular shows but there were a few major CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) events that never materialized into any visual Aurora. All the things that need to align didn’t. Having said that, as I look though my archive for the year, I still managed to get out 41 times strictly chasing aurora in 2014!

As I recap the last few years, I am very proud to see what has developed and look forward to 2015 as another very successful year with my photography. I am especially excited about the new partnership with Rowles & Company – Alberta’s Corporate Gift and Art Gallery! I am official gallery represented now! The gallery has already opened some very big doors for my photography with a very exciting project which I will reveal a little later this year.

Upcoming events:

A presentation to the Images Alberta Camera Club titled “Alberta Aurora Photography – A Journey into the Night.”

I am also looking forward to my first official gallery exhibition, date/location TBA – late March/early April.


Here is a quick review of  2013/2014:

Rowles & Company – Alberta’s Corporate Gift and Art Gallery and I have partnered in a gallery relationship.  www.Rowles.ca



Apple has continued to included my aurora image in the IOS 7/8 desktop backgrounds.


iOS-7-wallpaper-menu image


ATB – MasterCard purchased an aurora image and has made it available on their credit cards.



National Geographic has published my photography in two different books this year.  Sublime Nature – Photographs That Awe & Inspire and

Sublime Nature


A Year Of Daily Joy – A Guided Journal to Creating Happiness Every Day.

A guided Journal to Daily Joy


Melcor Developments unveiled their newest community – Aurora

Aurora Community

SkyNews Magazine did an Aurora spread in the July/August 2014 print edition, in the Celestial Wonders Galley.

I would also like to thank ALL of the online/TV media that continue to promote and display my photography.  Allowing me to submit and display my imagery is an ongoing win-win situation for all of us.






BT Edmonton – Michele – You’re the best!

St Alberta Gazette

NBC News

The Sun Today



Moving forward into 2015 I am going to try and document each of this years photo excursions with posts shortly after each adventure. Please check in and follow my reports as I roam the Alberta Prairies on my quest to capture more of Mother Natures best nighttime show, the Aurora Borealis.

I am also going to commit some time to sharing what I have learned while chasing the Aurora Borealis across Alberta!

As always, please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.


Canadian Geographic.

Just before the holiday break I was contacted by the editors of Canadian Geographic.  They were looking for some information to go with the Solar Storm article to be published in the January issue of CG.  I bunch of emails went back and fourth.  Then a phone interview happened and voila, an interactive Infographic on their website!  Go check it out and have a giggle while you are listening to me ramble!  If you would like to learn more about the Aurora Borealis please take a look at this issue.  There is a lot of great info available in the entire article.


George Gardner - Calgary - What beautiful images and video. I read the article in Canadian Geographic. I am hoping to go out and try photographing the aurora in March or Sept this year. Thanks for sharing your excellent images

Tori - I found your photos a while ago, while on a search for images of northern lights – your absolutely stunning photos and videos leave me feeling like i’m standing in the midst of the display, without the cold feet!

Have you considered approaching the planetarium in Winnipeg, or IMAX, with a proposal for a video production on the northern lights? They do a “night sky” video presentation for the public – they might find your photos and videos VERY interesting.

Just one thing – while chasing the perfect picture, don’t forget to just stop and breathe in the majesty and the beauty of it all – your photos are such a wonderful reflection of the mysteries and fantasies of our northern night skies, it would be a terrible shame to lose the wonder in the midst of the chase.

May it always be for you a time of awe and wonder as you ponder the incredible beauty of the creation, participate in the dance of the angels, and listen to the song of the stars.

Wayne Lacina - Mr. Kenwell,
I wish your work was available on Bluray. A personal, portable museum! Being able to drink in the tapestries of light you have brushed upon a camera lens spread across the canvas of a large screen would be as close as we can get to the real displays of your masterful creations.

Zoltan - Thanks Jane! I am glad to hear you enjoyed them.

Jane - I live in Calgary and just today I was reading the Canadian Geographic Magazine. I was fascinated with the information on Northern Lights and so followed the suggestion to watch your videos. They are fabulous. Thank you.

Prelude to Solar Maximum

Hello and thanks for stopping in.  Well  “Prelude to Solar Maximum” has been out for a few weeks now and response has been fantastic.  As of this blog post 2200+ complete views in 14 days!  It was the most energetic compilation to date.  This whole process is still a learning experience for me so I am pretty happy with the outcome.  I have a LOT to learn about video editing!

I collected footage for this project for about 5 months and I didn’t realize how much I had till I put it all in one folder to select from.  It was tough to narrow it down!

The process I used was to pick a musical accompaniment first, then put the visual media along with the music.  The music defined the length of video content so I really had to be selective with the video I could use.  My intent was to match the flow and energy of the music with the Aurora footage, I hope that came across.  I hope you enjoy this video and check back in the future for something new.

I am now working on my next project and is a pretty ambitious one, so stay tuned for an update.

Clear Green Sky’s to you!


Zoltan - Thanks Carla!

Carla - Hi Zoltan. I am friend of Ron Ferris. He told me to check out your photographs and videos. I am glad I did!!!! Beautiful. Absolutly Amazing!!

Wayne Lacina/San Diego - Once again, you command the tendrils of the aurora to dance upon the lenses of your camera. A command performance of the spirits as they writhe and soar upon the winds from the sun following every movement of your baton.
I cant wait for the release of your AuroraHD video.

Seasons Greetings!

Seasons Greetings everyone!

Please have a read of the recent article Canadian Geographic did on the upcoming Solar Max, 2013.

I was able to contribute a few tips on how to shoot the Aurora Borealis in the info graphic.

Have a warm and safe holiday season!

Check back soon for a new Aurora HD Video which is just about completed.


Rob vanNostrand, NS - VERY IMPRESSIVE work you are doing! I found the link to your site from the Canadian Geograpic tablet edition I subscribe to.
I was in Calgary area this summer to visit my sons out there, so it looks like I will have to plan another trip back in 2013.
I also appreciate your “tips” about night photography, focusing.