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Just a quick update to inform you that I have been working on a Video Gallery section for my website and the beta version is now up and running. Have a look here Video Gallery  to view what I have uploaded so far. I have much more material I just need to upload it now. Check back soon to view these new Videos.

Zoltan - Glad you like them Garry!

Garry Tan - that’s an awesome addition Zoltan!

Videos INSIDE…

I have taken a little break from Aurora photography this summer and have been focusing my attention on a number of photographic related opportunities that have come my way. I have also been able to added a few new commercial clients to my rolodex. These include Apple Inc., Toshiba and HiFi HDTV (OASIS HD). It’s been a great summer!

The project with OASIS involved a new medium of expression for me. In the next couple of weeks I will be linking my website to a number of Aurora videos I have created with time-lapse photography. These videos are going to be used in an upcoming TV program which is all about Aurora Borealis. The program is called Cosmic Vistas II, the episode is called “Night Fire”. Check it out if get a chance.

Here are a few clips…

I have recently added a new section to my website called the VIDEO GALLERY The video below is posted there along with many others. Go check them out!

I will be updating the look of the VIDEO GALLERY in the very near future.


Sharon - Wow Zoltan, these are fantastic! I don’t know where you find the time.

Charlie - Love the last one with reflections. They are all cool :)

Zoltan - Thanks Garry!

Garry Tan - awesome time-lapse Zoltan!

Zoltan - Thanks Olivier! This video and many others are used in a OASIS HD progam called Cosmic Vistas. I watched the episode last night, called “Night Fire”. It’s all about Aurora. You have to see it! It turned out pretty good!

Olivier Du Tré - I didn’t realize that this was for OASIS HD! That is so great Zoltan! + you captured some great footage!

Raining Auroras.

The weekend of May 28-29, 2011 provided a fantastic display of the Aurora Borealis!  I took off Friday evening and headed NE from Edmonton.  It wasn’t long before I began seeing and smelling smoke for the Slave Lake / Fort McMurry forest fires.  The wind was from the NE so I decided the only way I was going to find clearer, smoke free skies was to head east.  Ironically I ended up around the town of Smokey Lake, which wasn’t smokey at all, just a bit cloudy.

On the edge of the clouds the Aurora was very diffused.

These where just a few test shots to get a better idea as to what was going on with the cloud/smoke/aurora. This shot has kind of an “Aurora pipe”.

About 20 minutes from the above location the Aurora began to dance!

The sky just filled with green at this point.

Then it began to rain light!

It was beautiful!


Here is an overhead shot. Looking straight up.Many columns of light.

The overhead sky began to pulse furiously. I setup a timelapse session and let the camera do all the work.

This show carried on for an hour or so then the sun began to effect the darkness.

The moon also made an appearance in the soft light of morning.

Here is the last photo from this set. An abandoned farm being look upon by the moon.

Thanks for stopping in.  I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.


Sherry - Always so much fun to view your photos. I rec’d notice of substantial geomagnetic activity ending today. Perhaps you’ll be posting some spectacular new images…

Sherry - Whew! Those overhead shots. “Raining light” is a perfect description. Somehow it makes me think of the last book of the CS Lewis “Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” series- Father Time calls the stars down from the skies and into the sea. Thankfully the aurora are just a beautiful “show” and not the end of the world! Once more, many thanks for the visual treats.

Garry - Thanks for sharing these amazing photos Zoltan! :D

Sam - These are really amazing. Thanks so much :)

Zoltan - Thanks Lorrie!

Lorrie - Thank you for sharing! These shots are so amazing :)

Solar Wind Aurora Borealis

This morning yielded some more great Aurora photos due to the arrival of a fast coronal wind stream.  Solar wind velocities peaked around 560km/s right around midnight.

Twilight and the Aurora together. I started this shoot just north of Elk Island Park. This was taken at 9:00pm.

Spring must be here! The snow is gone and now there is a lot of standing water in the fields. The aurora began to take off a bit while I was at this location.

As you can see in this photo the Aurora was very high in the sky!

A little fisheye action. It was a very large display!

I found this fantastic barn and stopped just to get a shot of it in the moonlight. The aurora picked up just as I setup my gear. The moon was 90.6% from full so there was a lot of light available for the landscape.

Here is another one, a little tighter composition. I think I will get rid of the power lines when I print this image.

It was a beautiful night. This field was pretty much clear but you can still see a little snow behind the bins.

Fisheye from the corner of the field!

Just a bit further down the same road as the farm from the above image was this field. I was able to get a little reflection from the standing water.

This is the Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox Church of St. Mary Szypenitz. The amount of moonlight sure lets this building jump out of the photo!

Here is another perspective.

This one reminds me of the Titanic!

Well that’s it.  Thanks for having a look.  Feel free to leave a comment or post a question!

Sherry - I’m sure you’re being far too modest about that. Though I know I am personally forever grateful that digital photography has come into being! Take a shot, take another, another… pick your best ones, jettison the rest. No harm, no foul. I am taking my modest little Kodak 12 mp camera to China next month (10 day trip)- with two 8 gb chips- I think that covers enough photos for at least a couple of months!

Zoltan - Thanks Sherry! I wish I could say ALL my images are keepers. Unfortunatly it wouldn’t be the truth!

Sherry - That church is pretty spectacular- and the name is lots of fun. I quite enjoyed your photos of today’s (4/30) aurora, too- those colors were so vibrant! A double-your-pleasure set of photos because of the little lake’s reflection. Gorgeous. I bet you NEVER take a bad photo!

Zoltan - Thank’s Olivier!

Olivier Du Tré - Fantastic Zoltan!

National Geographic and NASA!

March and April have turned out to be a fantastic couple of months in regards to my aurora photography!

A couple of days ago I received an email from National Geographic requesting a few images for an article they were doing!  Well a few more emails went back and forth and …

This image ended up here…


Link to Article

and this one ended up here!

Link to Article

Also, on March 10, 2011 NASA posted this image all over their website.  It was used in an artical explaining solar flares! 

How cool is that!  It just goes to show, that sometimes when you follow your passion, and you put the results out there for the world to see, great things can happen!  I really consider these pinnacle achievements with regards to my photography.  I am extremely proud to have my imagery associated with these 2 great organizations and I would like to thank everybody involved that allowed this to take place!

Wow, what a fantastic couple of days!



admin - Hello Rene,
I usually shoot aurora between ISO800 and ISO2500. Wide open on the glass, f1.4 to f2.8 and 5-30 second exposure times. Pretty much as fast as I can given the conditions. As far as post goes, I usually process one image and apply that to all from a given location. Assuming I haven’t changed lenses or the conditions have not changed that much during the session. Location, anywhere north/west/east of Edmonton. The National Geographic images were taken north of Wabamun lake(purple) and just north of Lamont(twilight). Thanks for dropping in, asking you questions and your congrats!


Rene - Congratulations!!

Do you have information regarding what exposure settings, ISO, etc you use? Do you use just one picture or various pictures and later post-process?

Also, where do you go? Do you go to farms/fields etc? I tried once outside of Edmonton but you could still see the city lights =(

Peter - I just saw your images on National Geographic, great job. I also took a look at some of your pictures in your Aurora gallery, WOW! You sure do have your technique down, very impressive!

Rosa - I love your photos! Thank you for sharing!

John Labree - What a wicked display! Congrat’s on the National Geographic spread!