Canadian Geographic.

Just before the holiday break I was contacted by the editors of Canadian Geographic.  They were looking for some information to go with the Solar Storm article to be published in the January issue of CG.  I bunch of emails went back and fourth.  Then a phone interview happened and voila, an interactive Infographic on their website!  Go check it out and have a giggle while you are listening to me ramble!  If you would like to learn more about the Aurora Borealis please take a look at this issue.  There is a lot of great info available in the entire article.


George Gardner - Calgary - What beautiful images and video. I read the article in Canadian Geographic. I am hoping to go out and try photographing the aurora in March or Sept this year. Thanks for sharing your excellent images

Tori - I found your photos a while ago, while on a search for images of northern lights – your absolutely stunning photos and videos leave me feeling like i’m standing in the midst of the display, without the cold feet!

Have you considered approaching the planetarium in Winnipeg, or IMAX, with a proposal for a video production on the northern lights? They do a “night sky” video presentation for the public – they might find your photos and videos VERY interesting.

Just one thing – while chasing the perfect picture, don’t forget to just stop and breathe in the majesty and the beauty of it all – your photos are such a wonderful reflection of the mysteries and fantasies of our northern night skies, it would be a terrible shame to lose the wonder in the midst of the chase.

May it always be for you a time of awe and wonder as you ponder the incredible beauty of the creation, participate in the dance of the angels, and listen to the song of the stars.

Wayne Lacina - Mr. Kenwell,
I wish your work was available on Bluray. A personal, portable museum! Being able to drink in the tapestries of light you have brushed upon a camera lens spread across the canvas of a large screen would be as close as we can get to the real displays of your masterful creations.

Zoltan - Thanks Jane! I am glad to hear you enjoyed them.

Jane - I live in Calgary and just today I was reading the Canadian Geographic Magazine. I was fascinated with the information on Northern Lights and so followed the suggestion to watch your videos. They are fabulous. Thank you.

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