Prelude to Solar Maximum

Hello and thanks for stopping in.  Well  “Prelude to Solar Maximum” has been out for a few weeks now and response has been fantastic.  As of this blog post 2200+ complete views in 14 days!  It was the most energetic compilation to date.  This whole process is still a learning experience for me so I am pretty happy with the outcome.  I have a LOT to learn about video editing!

I collected footage for this project for about 5 months and I didn’t realize how much I had till I put it all in one folder to select from.  It was tough to narrow it down!

The process I used was to pick a musical accompaniment first, then put the visual media along with the music.  The music defined the length of video content so I really had to be selective with the video I could use.  My intent was to match the flow and energy of the music with the Aurora footage, I hope that came across.  I hope you enjoy this video and check back in the future for something new.

I am now working on my next project and is a pretty ambitious one, so stay tuned for an update.

Clear Green Sky’s to you!


Zoltan - Thanks Carla!

Carla - Hi Zoltan. I am friend of Ron Ferris. He told me to check out your photographs and videos. I am glad I did!!!! Beautiful. Absolutly Amazing!!

Wayne Lacina/San Diego - Once again, you command the tendrils of the aurora to dance upon the lenses of your camera. A command performance of the spirits as they writhe and soar upon the winds from the sun following every movement of your baton.
I cant wait for the release of your AuroraHD video.

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