Thanksgiving Aurora

Every once in awhile something just comes out of left field that gets you motivated to get off your butt and do something!  Well that just happened to me.  National Geographic sent me an email inquiring about one of my images.  As an independant professional photographer this is always an exciting event.   To have an image affiliated with National Geographic is a great accomplishment.  At least it is to me!

This humbling event has brought me back from taking a substantial break and become active again with my blog.  I purposely took this little break to rest up for the upcoming Solar Max aurora season.  I think its going to be a fantastic year!  Now this doesn’t mean I have been taking a TOTAL break from photographing the sky, but I have been selective about my outings.  I  have also had to focus on the business side of InFocus Imagery Inc., as a number of new clients have come on board.  I also had a great summer with my family!  Kids grow up so fast.

Now that my family is back into the routine of life,  my clients are all happy and the sun is waking up,  I can put a little time back into my blog.

So get on with it…

Here are a few samples of some of the Aurora imagery I collected this summer/fall.  I hope you like them!


I am very humbled that National Geographic selected one of my images for the Best Fall Photos of Northern Lights article! LINK


Here is a short HD video of the time lapse sequence that National Geographic’s image selection was taken from.

It will be included in a new feature HD video I will be releasing shortly, called “Autumn Auroras”

I will be posting more frequently now, so if you need a break drop by once in awhile! Oh, and don’t forget to checkout my Photo and Video galleries!

Thanks for stopping by!


Zoltan - Hey thanks for the vote of support Voltaire!

Voltaire Yap from Fred Miranda Forum - Hi Zoltan! You have wowed me with all your images and video capture. Totally amazed at your passion with the Aurora Borealis and enjoyed your blog about Oli.

Keep up the excellent work! More power to you.


Zoltan - I am glad to hear from you See. Thanks for the kind words!

See Toh Chue Peng/Malaysia - Wow, I am ecstatic to discover your images, esp. your short HD video on the aurora borealis. We were in Iceland for 19 days but managed to view the magical displays twice (first week of Oct.). What I witnessed was immensely overwhelming and indelible, similar to your video, which I have bookmarked to refer to constantly. Thank you very much.

Zoltan - WOW, Thanks Wayne!

Wayne Lacina - A moving canvas of art as can only be created by a MASTERWORKER.
I am beyond excited to read of your upcoming HDvideo. I wish you could put these on a BluRay so we can bask in your talents on the large screen. Once again, words truly fail me. I sit in stunned silence and drink in the majesty.

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