St. Patrick Day Aurora.

Well almost. Friday morning proved to be a great day for photographing the Aurora Borealis.  In fine form for St. Patrick’s day.  I headed out west of Edmonton trying to find the edge of a cloud front that was over the city.  About an hour west, clear sky.  Guess what else was out… the Aurora!  Here are a few time lapse movies I have put together.  I will be returning to this location for sure.  It was a fantastic old farm right next to the road with so many buildings to photograph.  A lucky find, as it was at the end of a range road.

The sky exploded in this series. I was in the middle of a lens change when it happend. I actually missed the start of this sub-storm.

Here is a sequence done with a Fisheye lens.  EF15mm f2.8.  In this sequence you can see how quickly the aurora can change!

Go check out the Video Gallery for the rest of the movies from Friday.

Zoltan - Thanks Craig!

Craig Makarowski - Absolutely Awesome Zoltan. Nature at it’s best splendour for sure.:-)

Dave Bananas - Superb!

Zoltan - Hello Shay.
Yes I am on Facebook, you should be able to find me using my name.

Shay Bakstad - OMG! This was Fantastic! So incredibly beautiful! I want to share it on Facebook, do you have a FB account because i can’t find it. You are so talented and your photos and videos are incredible. My husband and I do a lot of time lapse videos, but to capture the auroras must be so rewarding. Looking forward to following you!

Shay Bakstad
YouTuber SFBakstad

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