Clear sky and 98% full moon and a little aurora.

All week the sun has been bombarding earth with solar flares.  Unfortunately the most active night had all of Alberta socked in with very thick cloud cover.  I missed the big show 🙁

In the past, when this type of violent activity is present, sometimes there is a good opportunity to capture aurora in the few days following a major impact.  I said sometimes!  As you can see not much was happening.  The aurora was trying, but it just didn’t have enough energy.

I still like the movement of the clouds.

Again, because of the moon, I was able to find a nicely illuminated derelict building.  Location was logged for another night.

I am looking forward to using some of these newly found locations in upcoming sequences.  Stay tuned…


Sherry VS - Congratulations on your National Geographic connection! Please let your fans know when your photo is used! I have quite enjoyed looking at your new videos, and am anxious to hear more about your “Autumn Aurora” HD that you’re working on. I always enjoy the eye-popping, jaw-dropping images you post. Thanks.

Theresa Tanner - Your Gallery is oustanding! I hope to one day be as good as you in photography!

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