The Moon was out, so was the Aurora!

Tonight started as a crisp clear night, the moon was at 76%.  I really enjoy using the added light the moon has to offer.  It helps with illuminating the foreground and makes navigating around in the dark a whole lot easier.  While it does deminish the contrast with the dark sky and the aurora, it definitely adds a different effect to the imagery.

So lets start off here.  The activity was pretty low on the horizon but present and increasing in amplitude.  This is a classic example of a local sub storm, or energy spike.  The aurora is tight an defined then as the energy starts to disapate the aurora starts to spread out and defuse in the sky.

 I found this cool old house and even though the the aurora was not very active I just had to stop and spend some time here.

I could see some cloud cover coming so I started for home, then this nice defined arc showed up so I stopped and set up again.  Clouds add a unique element the the imagery.  It’s not a bad thing when they show up.

And remember too always look behind you!  While I was imaging the above sequence, this is what was going on behind me…

The clouds finished off my visibility, so I steered towards home.


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