Valentines Aurora

Thanks to a very understanding wife… I was able to head out and capture another crazy night in the Alberta prairie sky. The show began around 11:00pm local time. Low on the horizon but showing good potential for better things to come.  The time lapse below was the beginning of a fantastic night of photography.

The Aurora began to move higher in the sky.

Here is a really great example of how the aurora can go from a subdued arc to a violent display.

A few hours later this was going on straight over head.

I had called it a “wrap” and was headed for home when the aurora took off again.  I had to pull over and setup one more time.  This was 4:20am, and 20 km north of Edmonton.  Still a great view!

Well that’s all folks!  16 Time lapse movies back in the Video Gallery if you want to see more.

Thanks for taking the time to look!


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