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Well, with solar activity that effects my side of the planet being very quiet of the last few months I have been able to catch up on some sleep.  I was out on January 24,25  to see if I could intercept the last big CME from the sun.  Unfortunately when the leading edge of the plasma cloud hit earth it happen @ 14:00MST.  The middle of the afternoon at my location.  The images from the other side of the planet, Norway/Finland are spectacular.  I was hoping for another chance at the trailing edge of the cloud but visibility in my location was very low because of cloud cover.  Timing is everything!  You win some and you lose some.

I did get a personal introduction to a local fellow Aurora shooter Mike Isaak.  Mike and I have communicated via Voxer/Email/Facebook but have never met in person.  We were both out shooting on the same night and managed to find each other in the middle of the Alberta prairies.  It was a pleasure to meet and shoot with him.  Check out his imagery, first class!

This is some of the timelapse I took while we were imaging at the same location.

Here is one more.

Go here if you want to see the rest from January 24, 2011

This footage was taken just north of Chipman, Alberta.

Hopefully I will be adding some more images/video later this week, as a CME is predicted to hit use on Monday night.  We will see…



Zoltan - Thanks Daniel. – ZK

DANIEL - You are an awsome photographer if I didnt like the cold so much I would love to join you I live in Illinois southern and we dont get spectacles like where you are but i really enjoyed looking at yours thanks

Zoltan - Thanks Sherry. Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you like videos. Cloud cover will hamper tonight unfortunately. I will be watching the data though! – ZK

Sherry - Dazzling, just dazzling! I am assuming that this latest CME will have you out and about filming and videoing and chasing aurora for a bit. Love to see your colorful endeavors!

Zoltan - Yep, check out the video gallery!

fatima - Did you capture the aurora lastnight here in Edmonton?

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