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I have taken a little break from Aurora photography this summer and have been focusing my attention on a number of photographic related opportunities that have come my way. I have also been able to added a few new commercial clients to my rolodex. These include Apple Inc., Toshiba and HiFi HDTV (OASIS HD). It’s been a great summer!

The project with OASIS involved a new medium of expression for me. In the next couple of weeks I will be linking my website to a number of Aurora videos I have created with time-lapse photography. These videos are going to be used in an upcoming TV program which is all about Aurora Borealis. The program is called Cosmic Vistas II, the episode is called “Night Fire”. Check it out if get a chance.

Here are a few clips…

I have recently added a new section to my website called the VIDEO GALLERY The video below is posted there along with many others. Go check them out!

I will be updating the look of the VIDEO GALLERY in the very near future.


Sharon - Wow Zoltan, these are fantastic! I don’t know where you find the time.

Charlie - Love the last one with reflections. They are all cool 🙂

Zoltan - Thanks Garry!

Garry Tan - awesome time-lapse Zoltan!

Zoltan - Thanks Olivier! This video and many others are used in a OASIS HD progam called Cosmic Vistas. I watched the episode last night, called “Night Fire”. It’s all about Aurora. You have to see it! It turned out pretty good!

Olivier Du Tré - I didn’t realize that this was for OASIS HD! That is so great Zoltan! + you captured some great footage!

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