National Geographic and NASA!

March and April have turned out to be a fantastic couple of months in regards to my aurora photography!

A couple of days ago I received an email from National Geographic requesting a few images for an article they were doing!  Well a few more emails went back and forth and …

This image ended up here…


Link to Article

and this one ended up here!

Link to Article

Also, on March 10, 2011 NASA posted this image all over their website.  It was used in an artical explaining solar flares! 

How cool is that!  It just goes to show, that sometimes when you follow your passion, and you put the results out there for the world to see, great things can happen!  I really consider these pinnacle achievements with regards to my photography.  I am extremely proud to have my imagery associated with these 2 great organizations and I would like to thank everybody involved that allowed this to take place!

Wow, what a fantastic couple of days!



admin - Hello Rene,
I usually shoot aurora between ISO800 and ISO2500. Wide open on the glass, f1.4 to f2.8 and 5-30 second exposure times. Pretty much as fast as I can given the conditions. As far as post goes, I usually process one image and apply that to all from a given location. Assuming I haven’t changed lenses or the conditions have not changed that much during the session. Location, anywhere north/west/east of Edmonton. The National Geographic images were taken north of Wabamun lake(purple) and just north of Lamont(twilight). Thanks for dropping in, asking you questions and your congrats!


Rene - Congratulations!!

Do you have information regarding what exposure settings, ISO, etc you use? Do you use just one picture or various pictures and later post-process?

Also, where do you go? Do you go to farms/fields etc? I tried once outside of Edmonton but you could still see the city lights =(

Peter - I just saw your images on National Geographic, great job. I also took a look at some of your pictures in your Aurora gallery, WOW! You sure do have your technique down, very impressive!

Rosa - I love your photos! Thank you for sharing!

John Labree - What a wicked display! Congrat’s on the National Geographic spread!

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