April Aurora!

Hello Everyone!

I had a great weekend of chasing the aurora.  The conditions were beautiful and so was the show.  I started off around 10:00pm on Friday night and finally shut it down around 6:00am.  The only reason I stopped taking pictures was the sun began to rise!  I headed out again Saturday night around 8:00pm and shot till 3:00am.  The solar wind that was buffeting earth created a beautiful display that was different than usual, in a couple of ways.  Check out the photos below for examples.

Things started off in a very mellow way. No drama here, just smooth greens!

So while this was going on to the north...

This was going on to the south. This pink/purple band of light appeared very high in the sky. I think its the first time I have pointed my camera south to get an image of the aurora!

Here is a little fisheye fun. Here you can see the purple and the green at the same time!

The aurora was very bright even through the clouds.

This really cool strip of clouds was illuminated by light pollution from Cold Lake. It looks like smoke from a fire or something.

A little fireball was caught in this one.

Ok, this is where things got interesting. As you can see in this photo, the sun is still below the horizon, but its rising. The aurora went nuts! It began to pulse rapidly. If you could have heard it, it would have sounded like wind noise in your car on the highway at speed. Instead of wind buffeting, it really was solar wind buffeting the planet. It was very cool!

The following images are from Satuday night. There was a little sporatic cloud cover, but it added a interesting dynamic to the shots.

Things began to get a little more active by this time. The banding looks great.

This is the last image for this post.  Shortly after this was taken, the aurora retreated into the darkness.  I headed home for some much needed sleep.

Thanks for stopping in, and have a great day!


Zoltan - WOW, what a nice compliment! Thank You!

Wayne Lacina - You use your camera as a paint brush..capturing the beauty of
earth and the cosmos….I envy your talent

Olivier Du Tré - Wow Zoltan!!! AMAZING story!
No such luck in Calgary though. It’s been cloudy every time the aurora is out. 🙁

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