Alberta Prairie by Moon Light…

A clear but windy night was calling me out.  The temperature with windchill was around -30C with a lot of blowing snow.  Weather predicted that the wind was going to settle down around midnight so I figured I would stick to an area with a few wind bluffs to stay out of the breeze.  East of Edmonton to the rolling prairies I went.

I found this really cool area where this ridge just pop out of the flat landscape, there also happened to be a flattened barn in the middle of this field too. 

Rolling ridge

Now I was bracketing a few shots just to be sure I would be able to get a correct exposure with all of the light and dark areas of this image when all of a sudden…

LUCKY!  I can’t count the number of times I have been setting up my camera gear, or my camera is pointing the wrong way.  The list goes on and on for the number of times that I am usually changing lenses, in between exposures, or I am driving.  REALLY!  I have seen countless numbers of meteors of this magnitude but have never been able to capture one.  It’s a little different when there is a meteor shower on, but this stone was a totally random event and it actually happened while I was exposing too!!!

This beautiful church jumped off the landsacpe. It was so bright with the moon beaming on it.

I then headed into the trees where I found this decaying barn.

Again, the moon was bright enoungh to cast these great shadows!

I then walked along the treeline to get a different perspective.

This last one shows you the windswept field in the foreground.  Can you see the stubble sticking though the snow?



Zoltan Kiss - Hi.
I found your website from breathtaking photos you did!Absolutly fantastic.I didn’n checked all yet but i will.Anyway, do you speak hungarian? 😀

Greetings from Sweden, from an other Zoltan 🙂

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