A little window into the Aurora…

Hello All,

Thanks for all the emails by the way!  You know who you are!  Please keep the questions coming, I am glad I could help!

This set of images was taken with the moon @ 50% of  full.  There was a lot of cloud cover but there was a window to the north just off the horizon.  It made for some very interesting images!  Check these out!

This was the first shot of the night.  This is looking north with the clouds coming up from the south, closing the window.

One of the tips I mentioned during my last Nightscape seminar was to always look behind you when you are shooting!

Often one gets so involved with what is going on in front of the camera, you often miss what is going on behind you!

THIS is what was happening behind me!

 Now THAT’S a Moon Dog!  Â

Clouds are moving in.

Doesn’t this look nice and soft?

With the aid of my 15mm Fisheye I was able to pull off a nice WIDE shot to include the Moon Dog and some of the Aurora.

Shortly after this the window closed on my Aurora viewing.  Clouds can definitely add a unique spin on nightscapes.



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