Full Moon Photography.

Aurora has been at a very low level lately, so I decided to head out and capture a few images using the full moon as my light source.  With plenty of fresh snow on the ground this got very bright!  Here are a few samples of what can be captured using the moon as your main light.

f4.5 @24mm, 10s, 800 ISO

f/4.5 @ 24 mm, 10s, ISO 800

This farm was just off Hwy 16 West of Edmonton.  Right next to this farm is a beautiful railway bridge.  If you didn’t look closely for the stars you would think this was shot during the afternoon!

f/4.5 @ 24 mm, 20s, ISO 800

Here is another perspective…

f/5 @ 24 mm, 13s, ISO 1250

A small farm in the distance here.  Looks like the middle of the day!

f/5 @ 24 mm, 6s, ISO 1250

This very nice trussell bridge is located just outside Sangudo, Alberta

f/3.5 @ 70 mm, 8s, ISO 800

Happy Shooting!

admin - Yes Oliver it’s pretty amazing how much light the moon gives off! Take care!

Olivier - Funny eh? Did the same thing two nights ago. When I showed the wife what I did she could not believe these where night shots. Untill I showed her the stars.

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