A few Meteor shower shots…

Happy New Year!

My normal quest for the Aurora Borealis has taken a long break lately.  The sun has been very quiet so no major activity has taken place.  As a substitute I have had the opportunity to photograph a few meteor showers.  Here is one from the Geminid Meteor shower which took place on November 2010.  I think this one turned out nice.

Near Tofield , Alberta. Geminid in the upper right!

These few don’t have any meteors in the images but they are from the same evening.

A different perspective.

One more for this elevator.  The blast of light in the bottom left is from a speeding CN train.

Train coming though.

Cloud cover really limited my ability to capture more. You can see the cloud cover coming in to end my night.

What do you think of the B+W?

This is a different elevator just a few minutes away.  Notice the Ursa Major (Big Dipper)?

These next few are from the Quadrantid meteor shower which peaked during the early hours of Jan 4th, 2011.

Just north of Pigeon Lake, Alberta

My Xterra looks like it is about to be speared!

 Here are a few cropped shots.

One last fun one for this post.  A little Fisheye action.

The Canon EF15mm Fisheye on a 5D Mark II pointed up about 75 degrees above the horizon.

Hope you enjoyed them!


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