Happy Halloween!

I have been invited to give a presentation to a group of about 70-80 photographers in a few weeks about my nightscape photography.  I went out on the morning of Halloween, October 31, 2010 with the intent to capture some new nightscapes for this presentation.  I thought I would try something a little different this time.  I have been thinking about using remote lights to illuminate the inside of some of the abandoned buildings I capture for a while now.  Well, last night I headed out to the Tofield, Alberta area to give it shot.  It was a beautiful evening outside.  Hovering around -3C.  No cloud cover, but fog rolled in near the end.  Sure made for a few interesting images.  What do you think?  Please feel free to leave a comment.

Oh, by the way… if you ever really want to freak yourself out, go shoot some images of abandoned buildings in the middle of the night on Halloween by yourself!  Wow!  There was one building I approached with a very bright 10 watt LED flashlight.  It had an upstairs bedroom with windows still in it.  It would have made a fantastic picture with just the top level bedroom illuminated by itself!  But while I was standing in front of it looking at the boarded up front door, I heard something begin to move around inside the building.  This old farm house was probably abandoned 50 years ago.  Keep in mind I was doing this all alone!  I retreated to the road and continued to hear movement in the house.  I got one of those shivers down my spine and decided to find a new subject.  So off I went.

The first shot of the night. There was not supposed to be any Aurora tonight!

This site was illuminated by a nearby yard light.

This was about the highlight of the aurora activity

I was trying to get a little foreground in this shot, using the light of the 45% moon.

Here is another perspective.

This is where things got interesting. I placed one of my 580EX flashes inside this old barn. I remotely triggered the flash using a RF transmiter. The flash was set at full power and it was only triggered once during the 13 second exposure.

Here I moved the flash inside the collapsed building. Looks pretty cool huh?

Different View.

THIS was the house that had something in it!

This one was an accident. I was using liveview @ ISO25600 to manually focus and forgot to drop the ISO down. Pretty much turned night into day! I had to pull the sky back 4 stops to make it dark again!

Flash inside the living room and the moon in the fog on the right side of the house.

A little B+W action!

In this shot I put my red LED headlamp in the dining room and my flash pointed out the window in the Boot room. The rays of light were an added bonus because of the fog.

Just my head lamp in this shot.

Last one for this blog. All the bins are probably full this year. It's been a bumper crop year in this area of Alberta.

The rest of the images from this outing are here http://photos.infocusimagery.com/p748204727

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


Sharon Jones - OMG Zoltan, the “red” haunted house is so eery! I wonder what was inside the house…
The one with the light beam coming out of the boot room is so cool, it reminds me of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” when the light beam comes out of the space ship! Very, very cool!
The ones with the flash inside the collapsed buildings are awesome. I look forward to checking your blog often to see what’s new and exciting!
Keep up the good work!!!

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