A nice show, just north of Edmonton.

The beginning of the night!

The show began to pickup at this point.

A change of location! This is what the edge of the Aurora belt looks like reflected in a small lake named Wakomoa! The Aurora "pop's" in waves. The intensity goes up and down like waves rolling onto a beach.

So there is this Castle..... no really! In the middle of Alberta! Ursa Major framed in this shot nicely.

I love Ursa Major (The Big Dipper). It's sooooo pretty! Can you see it? The light on the right is a farmer who was not sleeping either. Getting the crops in with the Combine.

One last full frame shot. That's a wrap!


Zoltan - North!

Orestes Zoes Karatzas - Beautiful!!! BTW what direction are you facing, I need to know for some homework I’m doing 😀 (university students = internet disease)

Sylvia - Truly awesome!

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